Photography Ideas at Home

Some people complain about photography at home. They say there is nothing special about it. Well, I can assure you, many famous photographers spend most of their time doing home photography. There is so much more you can do at home to help you with your photography.

The good news is, you always don’t need a pricey dslr camera for this. You can have a budget camera ( even under $100 ) easily and continue your photography. The blog Callofphotography has a perfect list of this types of camera. Basically, photography is all about sense and creativity rather than a camera. So, don’t worry about it.

To start with you home photography, first, you need your gears and the perfect setup. Some important gears you need are mentioned below:

  • DSLR
  • Tripod
  • Fine Sigma flash
  • & a fine setup of your interest

Pretty simple things you need, right? So let’s get onto the ideas you need for home photography.

Photography Ideas at Home

  • Water droplet art: This is a high shutter photography. The basic idea is to let a drop of water fall to a liquid container and capture the splash created. You may need to use the Sigma flash and of course, you have to shot at high shutter speed (1/180sec to above).
  • Landscape with food: Every food landscape photo tells a different story. You will need some small model of human and a fine setup using only food. Make the setup as it tells a story. Your imagination is the main key to this Photography.
  • Portraiture: Photograph people around you (Neighbors, Your family, Friends, kids around you etc.) using just simple natural setup and lighting. Use your imagination and creativity to make every shot different from others. It’s one of the best and lifelong home photography projects.
  • Pet photography: Pet photography is very famous and creative around the world. If you like animals, get close to them and take photos. Don’t stop only with your pet’s photography. Take shots of yours neighbors, friends pet too. It really brings out the creative mind.

Photography Ideas at Home 1

  • Close-up kitchen shot:Kitchens are perfect/ideal locations for macro photography. Use the reflection of a kitchen to create a creative and interesting background along with a shallow depth of field. All that matters in a kitchen close up shot is your creative thinking. Whenever you are using the kitchen or anyone using it, take shots of everything. Try to take all shots with similar angle and impression of height. Which will give it a touch of your own creation.

  • Optical illusion:It’s a creative photography idea. The basic idea of this photography is to use your angle of shot create a scene that’s not there. A fine example of this kind of photography is like you are holding the statue of liberty in the palm of your hand or you have the sun in your mouth.
  • Make the world smaller:Bring the world outside your window into your home. You can use toys and different human and animal models. Make a setup of these things combined like it tells a story. And of course, take your shots creatively. Every different angle speaks differently. This kind of photography is very interesting and creative.

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  • Light painting: It’s the type of photography, where you create some art with light and take a long exposure shot with your camera. This type of photography needs creativity and consistency. You will need a tripod. The photo must be taken in high exposure time(8-20 sec).
  • Garden Photography (Flower):Bring nature to your photography. Use your garden and you neighbors to take photographs of flowers or macro shots of bugs. Flower photography really brings out the colors in your photography. Take photos from different angles and try to use only natural color.

The Bottom Line

These ideas of photography project can only set you up in a way. But the most important thing is that you must keep learning. There is no time and place for photography. Try to keep your gear with you at all time. And of course, take shots of everything possible.Remember, every moment can be a story.

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