4 Common Touch-less Faucet Problems

Your hands are not free, and at that time you need your faucet open. Thus, if your faucet is touchless, then you will get an advantage that you need not touch it as your hands are not free. Like this, touchless faucet serves many benefits with modern technology.

Sometimes you can forget to close the faucet while working in the kitchen or some people leave it running. In this matter, touchless faucets reduce water consumption. A touchless faucet is more sanitary than touching ones with bacteria, germ, dirt, etc. on its hand. So it is getting more and more popular in these days. People’s interest is rising on this. With these advantages, there are also some problems which you can face while using it. You better know these problems before using so that you can remove and choose the Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet.

No flashing light and water

When you are using the touchless faucet, you can often face this problem. It happens that, the LED sensor does not flash and also the water is not coming. First, you are to examine the battery if those are inserted in the right direction. So, the cover of the battery box and look for the batteries if those were inserted as proclaimed in the instruction. If this is alright, then check if the batteries are fully inserted and are touching the connections. Lastly, determine if the battery box is secure. For this, check the valve.

Temperature controlling problem

Where you need different temperatures of water, touchless kitchen faucets are inconvenient to use there. Because most touchless faucets have one temperature setting and you cannot change this system. In your kitchen, you may need cold water. Then if your touchless kitchen faucet is not available with this and it set for only warm water, you cannot have as you need. So, it is a notable problem of touchless faucets.

Flashing water and no water

It can happen that LED sensor is flashing, but the water is not coming out from the faucet. If this happens, then you may need to change your batteries. Two possible causes can occur here. There are some models the light flashes five times every 4 seconds, and then it indicates the batteries are low. So the probable measure you can take is replacing them. Also, a flashing light can show that there has a short which can be of the sensor or the sensor wire. Then remove the black sensor and touch with your finger. This might produce water flow and stops when you are not touching it. If this happens, then the problem is with the spout and installation of the cover plate.

Leaky faucet

After activation cycle is over if water drips, the dial will need to adjust or there has some valve obstruction. Then, turn the dial and activate several times. If the dripping water stops, then halt the process. Sometimes this may not happen. Then turn off the water and remove the aerator which is at the bottom of the faucet. Remove dirt, clean this. Leave the aerator when reinserting the filter. Activate the faucet several times if the water is clean then attach the aerator.

Final Verdict

When you know clearly about a thing, using it gets much easy. Touchless faucets are undoubtedly simpler and have advantages than touching faucets. And from this article, you can get some idea of touching faucet problems. So now you can choose the best one for you. As touching faucets are costly, then you should also look up to this matter. Besides check the details from instruction and know about the faucet. Now you know about the problems so you can easily solve if anything occurs with your touchless faucet! And also can solve this base on its model!

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